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Best Southern Bars


These creative bars are made from many materials ... cedar, cypress, pecky cypress, pecky cedar, recycled hardware (door knobs, hinges, old signs, rustic signs), recycled building materials (windows, doors, rusty tin), vintage red wagons, old soda crates, galvanized pipes & more to be listed in the near future.  Let the creative mind be unleashed.

What a great way to show off your fantastic clothing, jewelry, surfboards, duck calls, liquor, sporting goods ... your current best selling products.  These designs could be a natural eye appealing addition to your store, business or classroom.

This includes hostess stands and teacher podiums (with wheels).


That is one of the many comments from shoppers who have seen my bars at local events.  Also "Lemonade stand for adults", unique backyard furniture and so on.  They loved the idea of being able to choose the paint colors from my selections as well as using their own paint colors.

Get the kids a chance to volunteer & be part of the party, July 4th celebration & wedding

Desk Front / Kitchen island / Buffet Tables / TV Stands
I can make these designs on the front and sides of a piece of furniture you would like to use in your home or business (front window display, check out counter, buffet table).

A new creative adventure.  Let me know if you are interest in these projects. 

July 4th holiday and college/pro football seasons
I can paint college colors, coastal colors & custom colors so you can cele-brate in style.  
Image showing off your "BAMA" bar, "SEMINOLE" bar, "TIGER" bar, "WAR EAGLE" bar, "GATOR" bar (& your favorite pro team) in your backyard.  I have limited production times due to previous orders.  Call me today to discuss your project.

The "Big Dog" Model - Pecky Cedar
XL Size -  Chevron Design - Unstained

XL Size - Pecky Cedar
"Barn Wedding" Model - Unstained
The pecky cedar shown above is still
rough cut showing the saw blade marks.
"Big Dog" model Stained - Pecky Cedar
All 7 corbels supporting the bar top were custom made as well as the 3 foot rail supports.
"Cajun" Model w/ 3/4" galvanized pipe foot rail.  Foot rail is about 8" off ground.

      The "Big Easy" Model - Pecky Cedar
       Three-sided wrap-Around 
Foot Rest - Unstained - The front & side boards were planed & sanded.
End view of bars with rusty tin insert.
Horizontal piece is for moving heavy bar.
Display of 7 different stain colors on
pecky cedar fleur-di-lis cut-outs.

These designs can be made with pallet wood too.  However there are a lot of splinters and many safety concerns with this wood.  To be decided.

"Cajun" Model
                       Rusty Galvanized Tin
                       Porch Railing Accents
                          ... or use baseball bats
                          ... or old water skiis

Large Size Bar - "French Quarter" Model Front view of a just finished 4' wide bar that is 42" high.  Using 1 x 3" rough cut chevron design on top and vertical design on the bottom
Compare with the design below

Front view of another XL size bar.
This is the "Mardi Gras" Model.
(unstained) design using 1 x 3" rough cut cedar.  This is the upside down version of the picture above showing a larger version of the chevron design.  I used various color cedar pieces to create an eye-catching view.   See below for painted cedar. 

The pictures below show the same creative design turned upside down.  Right now I don't know which one I like best.  You decide and I will make it happen.

Then compare with a bright teal painted frame below.  You choose the color.
This shows the new "Zydeco" Model designs before  sealer and teal
frame above and finished design below.

Five diagonal cedar boards below with two painted white.  This could have been rusty tin cut to fit this same diagonal.  I can do it!

Using my imagination ... On the left above, this is a new "Blues" Model with five diagonal long boards flanked with 90 degree diagonals.  The above right "Jazz" model is similar but has seven diagonal boards with horizontal flanked boards.   I added a shabby black frame to the Jazz model.   Look in the right boarder for different looks of the same models.  Painting and sanding can make a big difference in the look.
Even more of the boards can be painted or a random painted teal, light yellow and light blue might add some additional character.  I like it.  See below for similar design.

These are smaller design models
(48" x 32") to showcase what can be enlarged or give you ideas.

These designs could be great table top designs although they are rough & uneven.  Add a piece of glass to be more uniform.
"Amazing" is what I hear all the time from customers who visit my workshop and showroom.   They really like these new cedar bar designs.   "Just think of the possibilities that  can come from this". Tables, wall art, headboards for beds, retail stores jewelry displays, restaurant accent pieces or even entire walls.  Combining different degrees of rusty tin with combinations of cedar and painted cedar for accents.  Even vintage wood doors restored with a small chalkboard, signage and featuring hooks & knobs can make an entire room say welcome ..... And I was already busy with other orders for chairs and tables.  
"Moonshine" Model
Chevron design on top and
vertical rusty tin on the bottom.
"French Quarter" Model
Vertical design on top & 
horizontal rusty tin on the bottom. Add some paint or metal signage to personalize your new furniture.

These pictures show shabby painted and original cedar look for the "Fish Camp" Model.  When I paint pieces, I add the word "Coastal" to the model name.  So the left picture is called a "Coastal Fish Camp" model.  You get to choose the colors & the order of boards.

Shabby painted pieces accent the non-painted pieces to create a "coastal appearance."

The "Coastal Farm House" Model
Another new bar design
Painted Cedar boards on each
side of a rusty tin center.
Right picture shows a close up of one
side with the 9 rough cut painted pieces.
You get to choose the colors an order of all 18 side painted pieces (or no paint at all).

Choose coastal colors (samples shown) or your college colors or custom colors.

The "High Octane" design.   I needed another design for people who just don't like rust.  I still doctored this  metal so it doesn't look brand new and shiny like the metal below.

The newest "Coastal Jukebox" bar front design.  I used a shiny metal on the bottom to simulate a  glass front with colored lights (custom painted boards) on each side.  I also made some small 45 round 7" records to help identify the jukebox recognition.  Additional ideas still in the mix.    Time to Rock N' Roll in the backyard.

Pictured below are ways to combine painted cedar boards with alternating non-painted cedar boards.  Lots of soft color combinations to choose from .. and then covered with two coats of clear coat.  What are your favorite colors?
5 white painted boards, 4 white and 1 green, 4 white and 1 light yellow

3 white and 2 light blue, 2 white and three different, 5 different

Left picture - 9 rough cedar boards
Bottom picture ...
Sample painted / clear coat boards

More Bar Designs

"Bayou" Model - Pecky Cypress
    Horizontal Design - Cedar Color Stain

        The "Bayou" Model - Pecky Cypress
 Double Diagonal Design - Mahogany Stain
Inside 2 shelves in the large bars above. Each very strong shelf is made from dock paneling (called Thru-Flow) to allow liquids & rain to go through.  Colored panels come in 5', 4', 3' lengths & are 12" wide.
The "Bayou" Model - Pecky Cypress
Vertical Design - Dark Oak Color Stain

  Rustic gas price sign.

Great Food on Okaloosa Island
in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Louisiana - Home of the Saints

Creative painted steampunk guitar on rustic cedar.
Includes reclaimed door handle plates for the neck and a Route 66 rusty metal road sign on the guitar face.  Just cool.

New Orleans - Weathered Dock along the Mississippi River

Tall small oval table and two 24" high bar stools.  These bar stools are also the tall ottomans for the tall chairs shown in the Destin Harbor Collection.

Sample painted color combinations for the side paneling or even the front.

Florida Cottages - soaking up the sun on the Santa Rosa Sound

Here's hoping this "vintage"
gas sign will be the price this Summer.  This well rusted sign
is for sale in my showroom.
Approx. 24" x 36".
This would look great on a pallet wall, the front of one of my bars, in a man cave, in a retail store,
a restaurant / bar
or even on a backyard fence.

A great Florida home

Add license plates or other metal signs to personalize your bar.
Keeping it simple.
Similar to the bar on the left, this design model has 7 diagonal cedar boards and 2 sets of horizontal cedar boards.  At this time, it is still rough cut.  After some light sanding, paint and two coats of clear coat, look to the left for the finished product.

Welcome to my Florida beach.
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