Custom Designs, Cool Finds and Rustic Comforts

Best Southern Bars

These creative bars are made from many materials ... galvanized metal (different stages of rust are available), pecky cypress, pecky cedar, cypress, cedar, recycled hardware (door knobs, hinges, other), recycled building materials (windows, doors, other), and more to be listed in the near future.

What a great way to show off your fantastic clothing, jewelry, surfboards, duck calls, liquor, sporting goods ... your current best selling products.  These bars could be a natural eye appealing addition to your store.
   Call me about renting these products.

Desk Front / Kitchen island / Buffet Tables / TV Stands
I can make these designs on the front and sides of a piece of furniture you would like to use in your home or business.  

The "Big Dog" Model - Pecky Cedar
 Chevron Design - Unstained

The "Big Dog" Model - Pecky Cedar
Barn Door Design - Unstained
The pecky cedar shown above is still
rough cut showing the saw blade marks.
"Big Dog" model Stained - Pecky Cedar
All 7 corbels supporting the bar top were custom made as well as the 3 foot rail supports.
"Cajun" model w/ 3/4" galvanized pipe foot rail design.  Foot rail is about 8" off ground.

      The "Big Easy" Model - Pecky Cedar
       Three-sided wrap-Around 
Foot Rest - Unstained - The front & side boards were planed & sanded.
End view of bars with rusty tin insert.
Horizontal piece is for moving heavy bar.
Display of 7 different stain colors on
pecky cedar fleur-di-lis cut-outs.

These designs can be made with pallet wood too.  However there are a lot of splinters and many safety concerns with this wood.  To be decided soon.

             The "Cajun" Model
                       Rusty Galvanized Tin
                       Porch Railing Accents
                          ... or use baseball bats
                          ... or old water skiis

Front view of a newly created 4' wide bar that is 42" high.  Using 1 x 3" rough cut cedar design on top of vertical pieces.

Front view of another large "Big Dog" Bar
(unstained) design using 1 x 3" rough cut cedar.  This is the upside down version of the picture above showing a larger version of the chevron design.  I used various color cedar pieces to create an eye-catching view.  
The pictures below show the same creative design turned upside down.  Right now I don't know which one I like best.  You decide and I will make it happen.
These are smaller design models
(48" x 32") to showcase what can be enlarged or give you ideas.

These designs could be great table top designs although they are rough & uneven.  Add a piece of glass to be more uniform.
Chevron design on top and
vertical rusty tin on the bottom.
Vertical design on top and
horizontal rusty tin on the bottom.

More Bar Designs

      The "Bayou" Model - Pecky Cypress
    Horizontal Design - Cedar Color Stain

        The "Bayou" Model - Pecky Cypress
 Double Diagonal Design - Mahogany Stain
Inside 2 shelves in the large bars above. Each very strong shelf is made from dock paneling (called Thru-Flow) to allow liquids & rain to go through.  Colored panels come in 5', 4', 3' lengths & are 12" wide.
The "Bayou" Model - Pecky Cypress
Vertical Design - Dark Oak Color Stain


Great Food on Okaloosa Island
in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Louisiana - Home of the Saints

New Orleans - Weathered Dock along the Mississippi River

Tall small oval table and two bar stools.  These bar stools are also the tall ottomans for the tall chairs shown in the Destin Harbor Collection.

Florida Cottages - soaking up the sun on the Santa Rosa Sound

A great Florida home

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